Domain: Darkness and winter

First Appearance: Spear Handlers

Relatives: Odin (father), Frigg (mother), Tyr (brother), Balder (brother), Hermod (brother), Bragi (brother), Thor (half brother), Vidar (half brother)

Likes: Poetry; theater; alone time; Valkyries

Dislikes: His blindness; poetry critics

Description: When you’re destined to grow up and be the god of all that’s dark and cold, it sours your outlook on life. And when you’re also blind… well, there’s a saying, "Misery loves company.", and Hod has always been good at helping others understand his misery firsthand. Although he doesn’t always act it, Hod is more mature than most of Odin’s sons, and even though he’s not the strongest or the fastest or the cutest of the brats, he does have a lot more common sense.

What do you like best about school?
Well, my likes are different from most of the other kids. I enjoy the reading, and tests are always fun. But the best… that would be my teacher, Hel. She’s just– Well, she can– And I had that dream where she– This isn’t going well.

Norse god Hod