Domain: Mischief and Magic

First Appearance: Loki’s Secret

Relatives: Farbauti (father), Laufey (mother), Hel (daughter), Fenrir (child), Jormungandr (child), Sleipnir (child)

Likes: Dolls; Tea parties

Dislikes: Apple pie; His babysitter/teacher/daughter Hel

Description: Loki is the son of two giants and nearly as old as Odin. So, why is he living as a kid in Odin’s household? Well, his mischievous nature caught up with him one day when he stole a pie and gobbled it up. Unfortunately, it was an apple pie made from Idunn’s Apples of Longevity. After that, he became a little too young and now, he gets to experience the joys of being a kid all over again with Odin and Frigg watching over him (because they drew the short straw). Maybe this time around, Loki will gain some maturity… but we’re not holding our breath on that one.

Out of all the practical jokes you’ve pulled, which one’s your favorite?
My favorite one? Hmmm… that would probably be the time I told Thor if he threw his hammer hard enough and held onto it, he could fly.

Norse god Loki