Domain: War, Death, Poetry, and Wisdom

First Appearance: Balder-dash

Relatives: Frigg (wife), Tyr (son), Balder (son), Hermod (son), Hod (son), Bragi (son), Thor (son via Jord), Vidar (son via Gridr)

Likes: Ladies, women, and females

Dislikes: The smug, arrogant gods in the other pantheons.

Description: The immortal ruler of the Norse gods. Otherwise known as the "All-Father"…for a good reason. With Frigg, Odin fathered Balder, Tyr, Hod, Hermod and Bragi. With the goddess Jord, he fathered Thor, and then with the giantess Gridr, he had yet another son–Vidar. Odin was obviously the epitome of godhood in power, status, and libido. There’s just one problem with all that–dealing with powerful, immortal children going through their growing pains is tough. Just one would be a challenge, two would no doubt be a pain, but seven? That’s insane. And we didn’t even stop there… we manipulated our own personal vision of Norse mythology to make Loki a child and put him under Odin’s care.  Even if you’re a god, that’s a lot of brats to handle. No wonder Odin has white hair.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Eggs are for breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, so I’m going with eggs. But then, I had chicken for breakfast once, but it’s usually eggs. So yeah, eggs.