Norse God ThorDomain: Thunder• First Appearance: Balder-dash

Relatives: Odin (father), Jord (mother), Frigg (stepmother), Tyr (half brother), Balder (half brother), Hermod (half brother), Hod (half brother), Bragi (half brother), Vidar (half brother)

Likes: Food; his hammer Mjollnir; Goats (no, not that way…ewww)

Dislikes: Being called a runt and getting grounded.

Description: Son of the All-Father Odin himself and the giantess Jord, Thor is something of a conflicted personality. Even though he’s half giant and destined to be one of the most powerful of the Norse gods, he wound up being the runt of the Asgardian litter in his school days. To make up for his lack of physical stature, he tends to dive head first into the realm of excessive bravado to prove himself. This usually leads to trouble and adventure and most often… being grounded for a month. He remains hopeful that any day now his growth spurt will finally kick in, and he’ll finally be able to stand tall and proud alongside his brothers.

How’s the weather down there?