The story so far:  The Norse Force (minus Hod and Loki and led by Odineye) uses their fancy time ripper to pull two elves into the future from their moment of death in their past.  Only, they didn’t die because they already existed in the future, and they wouldn’t have died anyways because they were hiding in a closet.  While the Norse Force works on figuring out the mystery of their time ripper survivors, Dark Hod and his minions attack Hel, Hod and Balder (who exists in Hel’s realm and Asgard simultaneously for some reason) in Hel’s domain.  But it’s not Dark Hod… it’s a robot.  And that Hod down there isn’t Hod either… it’s the Celtic dragon god Dewi.  Why are there two Balders?  Where’s the real Hod?  Why was Dewi sent to the underworld?  What happened to Odin and Frigg?  How did Odineye get that scar?  Where’s Loki?  How come the future Arazel and Xarenia don’t know anything about their past selves?

Keep reading… if you’ve read our stuff over the years, you know we always have a reason for everything.  You’ll just have to wait to find out what it’s all leading to.