Previously – Odin left.  He didn’t really say where he was going and no one asked. Why? Because he does this throughout the Norse legends. He also had a disguise where he called himself “Vegtam the Wanderer“.  Accept it… it is so.

Currently – Odin returns.  Notice he returns conveniently after Backup Dad had left the premises… or had Odineye planned to be gone before Odin returned?


Just a quick note: Seth and I will be at Chicago Comic-Con this year (formerly known as Wizard World Chicago) at the Rosemont Convention Center on the weekend of August 7th. They currently have us listed at table 3712 (you can check here to make sure they don’t change it before the show begins), so feel free to stop by and chat with us.  If I can get a quick enough turnaround on shipping, we should have some new t-shirt designs available there as well (hint: one has a Balder action figure on it).