Beauty is only stench deep.


For those of you in Chicago (or headed to Chicago), we’ll be at the C2E2 convention this weekend at table WC G in the Webcomics Pavilion area.  Seth might not make it until Friday evening, but he’ll be there Saturday and Sunday (and Jeff will be manning the table all day Friday).  The main difference on Friday is that I’ll be doing sketches instead of Seth… and I only sell mine for only a dollar.  It’s the value menu of sketches–McBad, McSketchy-and-Bad, and McLooks-Better-After-Frying. 

Or you’re welcome to just stop by and chat.  You can even check out the proof of the Brat-halla: Volume One trade, which will be available soon–if things go well, we might even have a couple dozen or so available to sell at the show Saturday (and Sunday if supplies last that long).

I’ll probably be tweeting throughout the show (and maybe in the evenings), so feel free to follow my twitter account at (and if you send me a message there and let me know you’re a fan, I’ll gladly follow you back).