It didn’t exactly go down this way, but I tried to write it down as close as possible (I might have missed one or two tangents that may have occurred during this session)… from a fun D&D campaign I had the honor to be part of:

DM: Behind the secret door in the wall, you see a set of stairs… leading down into the darkness.

PLAYER J: My barbarian looks carefully down the stairs.

DM: Roll.

One bad dice roll later.

DM: It’s dark but it looks safe to you.

PLAYER J: I start heading down the stairs.

PLAYER R: Wait.  It could be trapped.  Where did we leave that stone guardian I turned into abstract art?

PLAYER C: Down the hall a bit.

PLAYER J: I’ll get it.

DM: Sounds of stone slowly scraping across stone echo down the hall.

PLAYER J: What now?

PLAYER R: Push it down the stairs.

DM: Dammit.

Sounds of grumbling echo from across the living room.  Followed by the sounds of numerous dice rolls.

DM: The statue goes tumbling down the stairs setting off and bending the spring-loaded blade traps in each step.  It makes a squishy sound as it hits the bottom of the stairs. 

PLAYER J: The statue squished.  Statues aren’t supposed to squish.  Arazel, I think you broke the statue with your magic.

PLAYER R: That was the whole point of the spell.

PLAYER L (I believe): Maybe it was just squishy on the inside.

… tangent on candies with crunchy candy shells and squishy guts …

DM: Okay, let’s get back to the game.  With the blades bent there’s no way you can walk down the stairs without injuring your feet and legs.

PLAYER R: Isn’t the barbarian still carrying that tower shield around? 

PLAYER C: Yeah, the one we were using to protect us from the archers.

PLAYER J: You mean this tower shield?

PLAYER R: Everybody hop on.

DM: {sigh}