Hey Brat-halla readers,

Curiosity caught up with me recently (don’t worry, I’m not a cat) and I was wondering something… how familiar with Norse mythology were you before finding Brat-halla?  If you were familiar with the mythos, how did you learn about it (books, shows, comics, etc)?

I’d consider myself very familiar with Norse mythology before my Brat-halla days, and most of my knowledge was originally from books.  In the fifth and sixth grade, the public library was right across the street from my school, and I would go there every day after school to read (as one of those scrawny straight-A students, I found the place to be mysteriously bully-free) .  After I got through reading all the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drews and Encyclopedia Browns (the mystery phase hit between my science fiction and fantasy novel phases), I drifted into the mythology books.  That’s where it all began for me.