Well, we’ve wanted to put up a links section for a while now, but just one thing got in the way… modifying all the code to work with all the tweaks I made to the site when we first started out.

Now, we have those links up and I’d like to give some special thanks to some sites that have said some nice things about us in the past (and it’s definitely time we returned the favor):

  1. Evil Inc – Brad called Seth’s artwork scrumptious and sent some traffic our way.  I got a chance to meet him at a convention a while back and he’s a great guy. 
  2. TV Tropes – Thanks to the Brat-halla readers putting us in as webcomic examples of some of these entertainment conventions.  It was really fun finding out that Frigg was listed in the Hot Shounen Mom trope.
  3. Comics 101 – This link is to thank Chris Ryall who gave Brat-halla the greenlight when he was the editor at one of Kevin Smith’s websites.  Thanks to Chris, you have Brat-halla on the web and still going strong today. 
  4. Atland – If you enjoy humor and sword & sorcery tales, this is the place for you (warning though, it does lean more towards an R-rating at times).  I’ve also met Nate at a convention (also a great guy) plus he’s the person I buy fonts from (double bonus).
  5. The Johnny Bacardi Show – Put us in a review with Warren Ellis’ Freakangels (and it was an honor to be mentioned in the same post).
  6. Digital Strips – We’ve linked to them in a blog post before, but we’re gonna do it again anyways for the nice review they gave us in their podcast.
  7. Pop Syndicate – They gave us a nice little review (plus, I also have a series of articles out on their site).

More links will get added as we go and there will definitely be a lot more Norse and mythology references added.