First, I’d like to thank all the readers that chimed in during the Conducting Some Research post.  I knew we had a lot of knowledgeable readers when it comes to mythology, but I wasn’t sure how many would be willing to discuss it here at Brat-halla.  Well, that’s what this is about… discussing mythology.  I’ll be making this a regular occurrence here at the site to open discussions and share different stories about specific topics in mythology.  First off, here are the rules of engagement (though not really rules… more like suggestions… mild suggestions):

  1. Share something.  Everyone will have their favorite stories dealing with a topic but I’d also like to see some people share discussions about stories/legends/tales dealing with the topic that might not be commonly known or stuff that’s strange but fun.  Share things about how this particular topic inspired you.  It’s all open as long as you try to keep to the topic at hand.
  2. Be perfectly human.  Your comment doesn’t have to be perfect.  If you have references/resources you can cite, that’s fine but not required.  We’re going back to the oral tradition of mythology here and passing along stories and passing along inspirations from those stories.  If you don’t remember the myth, legend or tale exactly, just say so and then let it flow from the keyboard.  Since we have a lot of people here that have taken many different paths to their knowledge of mythology, I’m expecting lots of fun stuff.
  3. Have fun!  This is actually rule #1, but I listed it last so it stays fresh in everyone’s mind.

And what would a good host be like if he didn’t lead off:

In the book Viking & Norse Mythology (by H.R. Ellis Davidson), there’s a passage in the section on The Valkyries that inspired a story idea I had pitched a long time back:

Protective spirits of this kind were said to attach themselves to the kings and princes who worshipped Odin, giving them help and counsel and bringing good fortune in battle, while at death they received them as their ‘husbands’.

I thought of Valkyries walking the paths of Midgard and allying with the rich and noble to counsel and train their sons to be valiant warriors and worthy of the halls of Valhalla.  And then I thought, what if they were still trying to do that job in today’s society?

Thus began a crazy ride in my head of the last Valkyrie on Midgard stubbornly refusing to give up and return to Asgard until she trained a warrior to die a valiant death in battle.  But there’s really no need for battle amongst the affluent members of society.  At least… not with the good ones.

She stumbled across a boy one day as her options were growing slimmer.  A boy with a noble heart and stubborn tenacity for chivalry (that got him beat up a lot).  And he was a member of a rich and noble family… a crime boss’ son.  It was close enough.  She volunteered to “toughen the boy up” and teach him to defend himself.  And succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.

Then he died.  In battle against a rival organization.  Defending his comrades from certain death so they could finish their job.  And delighted, she came back for him to raise him from the dead and lead him to Valhalla.  But unfortunately, the path to Valhalla had been sealed by someone on Earth… someone who didn’t want the gods interfering until it was much too late to stop her plans.  And the only people capable of stopping her before she takes over the world are the last Valkyrie and the last Einherjar on Midgard.


Now, it’s your turn.  I’m eager to hear from all of you.  Remember, have fun!