Since we’ve seen Hel fall in the latest episode of Brat-halla, I thought I’d pose an interesting question to our Norse-savvy readers:

How does Hel really die?

The winning answer will get bragging rights–I’ll probably even design a virtual certificate of merit. But note, this will go to the "winning" answer, which is subject to my insane judging skills.  It could be the correct answer or the funniest or the most entertaining or the most well-researched or even the craziest (think: Marvel "no-prize" worthy). It could go to the shortest answer or the longest answer.  Whatever answer I like the best will take the prize, so feel free to submit as many answers as you like to get my attention.

For obvious reasons of bias, Seth, Anthony and my wife Rayna can submit answers but aren’t eligible to receive bragging rights (it could upset the team dynamic), but they’ll be eligible for various honorable mention categories that I’ll announce with the winner.