Well, it’s been a long half year or so for me, but it’s been worth it–this past weekend I sent the files for the first Brat-halla trade to the printer.  I messed up a lot during the process, but I also learned a lot and should be able to turn around volume two much quicker.  I’m still working on figuring out the international pricing on the book (should have that ready by the time it’s available for ordering), so most of our readers should have access to it.

We went with a smaller format book to help keep the trade more affordable, but it also required me to redo all of the lettering for all 124 pages.  Here are some things you’ll find in volume one:

  • A wonderful foreword from our old editor-in-chief at the ‘Shoot, Chris Ryall (now the EIC at IDW Publishing).
  • Most of the single page episodes from the early Brat-halla days.
  • Babysitter Hel, Godsco, Legend of the Goat, Odineye Saga, On the Roadie, Career Daze, and Skuul.
  • Plus character pages where characters intro the longer storylines.
  • And it’s all in color (even the episodes here that are still black-and-white have been colored for the trade thanks to Anthony’s hard work and dedication).

If everything goes well, I’ll be able to sign off on the book (and make it available online) when I get the proof next Monday.  It was fun going through those old stories… it’s tough to call it work when I spent a lot of time laughing.

And now that it’s out the door, look for more Hod‘s Comic and some additional blogging of a mythological/historical nature… while I work on Volume Two.