For now, Brat-halla is still on hiatus.  Since our last update, Seth and I have been putting in long hours with our day jobs (the ones that keep our families fed).  We’re really good at our jobs and in these times, we’re the kind of workers companies like to do "more with less" with. 

But the day jobs have taken a toll (at least for me… and I haven’t been able to find time when Seth’s been available to chat with him for nearly 3 weeks now), so as I’ve had free time creep back into my schedule, I’ve been having to focus more and more on my health.  It’s nothing immediately life-threatening, but if I don’t take care of it now, it will be.  Luckily, I’ve been making progress as my cholesterol has dropped from "how can you not be dead" levels to "you might be able to live with those levels" in a little over a month’s time (with the help of diet, exercise, medication, positive thinking and a supportive family… "drop and give me 20 dad!").

During the current hiatus though, I have been able to slowly pick away at the Brat-halla: Volume 2 and Volume 3 trades here-and-there, so I’m hoping to have one of those ready in time for the holidays.  I’ll try my best to keep everyone in the loop.