What’s funny is now that they’re working on that movie for Marvel, Thor is all over the place in the news.  I’m waiting for the Happy Meals with little plastic Mjollnirs and some Thor Saturday morning cartoon action (sadly, it won’t be a Brat-halla one… time to finally file away that animation series bible).  But it is fun seeing all this Thor news (movie and otherwise)… even if some of it unintentionally puts me into giggle fits:

  • Over at MTV’s Splash Page, they currently have a typo in the Thor movie casting call.  “A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and sever[e]ly humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature her of our film.”  My first thought on seeing the error was, “What? Are they going to end the movie by having Thor disguise himself as Freya to reclaim Mjollnir from Thrym?  That.  Would.  Be.  Awesome.”  But no, just a typo.  [correction: Splash Page let us know they copy-n-pasted the item from the source they had linked to, so the typo was there originally.  Still, all the fun is in that one typo.  ^_^]
  • “Thor was founded huddled in the corner near the aviary on Saturday morning.” Thor being a Great Horned Owl who someone tried to set free even though he’s in captivity because he was too injured to survive in the wild prior to coming to the aviary.
  • What’s up with Thor and owls? Another Owl (from Rice University) nicknamed Thor (by his teammates) is doing pretty well for himself at the NFL combine.  James “Thor” Casey tied for first among tight ends in the bench press and second for tight ends in the vertical jump.  111 receptions and over 1300 yards last year in college… I think we’re gonna hear more from Thor in the future.  Hmm… mid-20s and powerfully built… I wonder if he can act.
  • Norway’s Thor Hansen leads the pack in one of the European Poker Tours.  And Thor Hushovd won stage 3 of the Tour of California.

It’s like the universe is having some big Thor convergence out there.  And I like it.