… will be posted a little later today.  Someone (and I’m not mentioning any names here) thought he posted the script last week and didn’t notice he hadn’t until late Monday night. He (remember, no names here) apologizes for the delay and will be a bit more paranoid about such things in the future.

To pass the time, let’s have a giveaway for a free Brat-halla t-shirt.  Just answer the following question in the comments to this post to be eligible for the giveaway (be sure to use a valid email address in your comment because that’s how I’ll contact the winner about where to send the shirt).

What is your favorite piece of artwork in Brat-halla (whether it be a single panel, single page or a series of pages) and what makes it stand out?

Deadline is next Tuesday (September 2nd) at noon (US Central time).

Since art is always subjective and opinions vary widely, there will be no judging of the answers to determine a winner… if you provide an answer in the comment section of this post, I’ll place your name in a hat and randomly select a winner next week to be announced with next Wednesday’s comic.