I have some notes and news from the realm of the Norse:

• For those of you subscribed to the RSS feeds for Brat-halla.com, you might have noticed (or not noticed) a change today.  Instead of a thumbnail where you need to click to the site to read the full comic, you should now be able to view the full comic in your RSS reader.  I’ve tested it out on Google Reader and Bloglines so far and it looks good.  If anyone uses a different RSS feed reader out there and has any problems seeing the full comic, please let me know and I’ll check it out.

• Hod’s Comic will return.  ETA: Friday the 30th.

• Following that, there will be something new… but old.  Yeah, it’s all cryptic and stuff, but it’ll be fun (and experimental).

• Fun Norse entertainment on the web:  Brat-halla fan Terence Krey of Wowie Kazowie Productions emailed me a link to the web series Rainbow Bridge (and yes, true to its name, it does involve Norse mythology).  Terence writes and produces the series (as well as playing the part of Loki) in this fun little comedy series featuring Thor and Loki attending high school on Midgard while working with Odin to prevent Ragnarok.  If there are any other Brat-halla fans doing anything mythology-related on the web (or in print), feel free to email me information about it… I’m always interested in finding new mythology stuff out there.

• Brat-halla #334 weapon list:  Conan’s sword (not his father’s Atlantean sword), Indiana Jones’ whip, Ranulf’s repeating crossbow (from Hawk the Slayer–if you haven’t seen this movie, rent it… it’s Mystery Science Theater worthy and stars Jack Palance as the villain), the Night Slasher’s knife (from Cobra), the infamous Red Ryder BB Gun (from A Christmas Story, “You’ll poke your eye out, kid.”), Leatherface’s chainsaw (from Texas Chainsaw Massacre… I’d also accept Ash’s chainsaw as well), Freddy Krueger’s glove (from Nightmare on Elm Street), the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), the Glaive (from Krull), the Taarakian sword (aka the FAKK2 sword from Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000).