Previously… After crawling up out of the Well of Wisdom seeking revenge on Odin, the disembodied eye known as Odineye (yes, he has a James Bond villain name) has successfully failed at every attempt to quench his thirst for vengeance. It’s not so much his failure as it is the triumphs of Thor, Hod, and Loki.

Currently… While Odin is out playing the road warrior dad, the villainous Odineye has infiltrated his hall under the guise of a professional "backup dad". Though the kids and even Frigg have grown fond of him during all the quality time together, the sinister eyeball still plans on being the architect of their destruction (but he’d settle for corrupting the kids a bit). But will he lose his cool backup dad status now that he’s killed the babysitter?


Just a quick announcement: in the blog, there is a simple trivia contest going on that’s spawned from the current storyline. No major prize… just bragging rights and probably a virtual certificate of your accomplishment. You can read the details here