Previously… I’m not the eye Odin sacrificed to the Well of Wisdom seeking revenge on your entire family and I’m your new backup dad while Odin is away. Yay! I’m gonna keep Frigg from permanently scarring you for life while she’s having crazy flashes. Yay! And I’ll do the shopping. Yay! Kinda. Yay? And keep your mom distracted for hours. Yay! Unfortunately, not the way your dad does. Yay! Sigh. Yay?

Currently… On a camping trip in a backyard fortress built by Odineye and the kids, the fortress is infiltrated by Hel and the Valkyries. Hel is after Odineye for back wages from her teaching stint at a school for monsters Odineye used to run. This (of course) led to a duel to the death won by our villainous eyeball. Now, he squares off against the wrath of Hod