The skinny on our new additions to the cast in this episode…  Lamia is a Greek demon.  Kid devourer by trade.  Ereshkigal is like the embodiment of Congress and the Supreme Court (she makes the laws and she carries out judgement) in the Mesopotamian land of the dead, Irkalla.


On a separate note, I want to blog here more when I get the trade and redesign done but I’ve been debating on what kind of blogging I should do… would anyone be interested in hearing my thoughts and views on various legends and myths?  My crazy adventures scouring the Interwebs, books, universities, crystal balls and such doing research on this comic?  Dueling dialogues between the characters ("Thor and Heimdall tackling the classic food debate… quality over quantity.")?

If you have something you’d like to me to discuss here, feel free to chime in… I’m listening.