Here’s a page put together for fun by Brat-halla colorist supreme, Anthony Lee.  If you like coloring things and want to see how Anthony does it, be sure to check out his articles on coloring in Sketch Magazine #36 and #37.

#### News Alert ####

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, Brat-halla’s great artist Seth Damoose has one of those actual printed comics out from the Shadowline imprint at Image Comics called “I Hate Gallant Girl”.  If you’re a big fan of Seth’s artwork, it’s worth the price of admission.  The first issue’s out already and it does look amazing.  With some luck, you might still be able to find a copy at your local comic shop (or they might be able to track one down for you if you ask nicely).  Not sure where your local comic shop is?  Try the Comic Shop Locator.