And there’s our "winner" of the Norse Trivia: Corpse of Hel Edition discussion.  Thanks to all the Brat-halla readers who participated… there were lots of great entries.  Some funny, some thoughtful, and some nicely researched.  Since it was really close for choosing the winner, I decided to post some honorable mentions (in no particular order):

The "I’m Not Afraid of Paradoxes" Award goes to: Annie.

The "Most Use of Scholarly Names" Award goes to: Rafngard.

The "This is a Trick Question but I’m Gonna Try to Answer Anyway" Award goes to: CandleJack.

The "Hollywood Really True Story, Honest… This Time" Award goes to: Rayna.

The "RPG Rulemeister" Award goes to: Sul’Zala and PhantomLurker.

The "Frigg Fandom Shines Through in a Hel Thread" Award goes to: Grimmy.

The "Knights of the Dinner Table Reference" Award goes to: Wynni.

The "Gothy Ending" Award goes to: Thomaz.

The "Wordier Than Jeff but A Good Read Despite That" Award goes to: Stephen M (Ethesis) … and here and here.

The "Economy of Words" Award goes to: Laota French.

The "Fun Hod-Based Scenario" Award goes to: Theala Sildorian.

The "Had to Go There, DIdn’t You?" Award goes to: Qanouni and J C Rouille.

And special thanks again to everyone who participated.  You made it a lot of fun!